Review: Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado in San Diego California

Grand Ole BBQ from the front

We’ve had a lot of fun throughout the years hitting up the BBQ pit scene in Texas and parrilla in Argentina which is why Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado was a must-do on our most recent trip to San Diego.  

Grand Ole BBQ from the front
Grand Ole BBQ from the front

We chose to visit on Sunday morning as that is when they prepare the meat according to asado technique (seared), which is Argentine as opposed to Texas BBQ. The menu has a variety of changing items but consistently has skirt steak, lamb, tri-tip, chorizo, etc.

We arrived around 11:30 and there was already a small line formed where people were enjoying the music and a couple of beers (there is a craft brewery called Thorn St. Brewery next door where you can fill a growler or feel free to bring your own beers).

We ordered a caprese salad, lamb, a chorizo, and tri-tip. The meat was freshly cut in front of us. They also had self-serve chimichurri, which was fantastic; it was really good and accentuated the meal.

Our meal at Grand Ole BBQ in San Diego
Our meal at Grand Ole BBQ

For the most part, we enjoyed everything we had and our only complaint would be that the meat could have been served warmer. The service was also attentive for a self-serve restaurant.  

Overall, we had lots of fun at Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado and recommend the experience and food to anyone who is San Diego and wants to get a taste of Texas BBQ with an Argentine flare.  

  • Rating: 18/20 – We would visit again.  
  • Quality: 4 – Very Good
  • Quantity: 5 – Excellent (it’s by weight)
  • Service: 5 – Excellent
  • Location/Atmosphere: 4 – Very Good  

We visited in June 2017 For more information:

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