Review: Birria Tacos y Consome in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Tacos Birria y Consome Tacos

As we continue to become familiar with Playa Del Carmen and keep trying to improve our Spanish speak skills, we feel more comfortable getting off the tourist path in search of more local experiences. This past December, we read about the birria tacos at Birria Tacos y Consome on the blog Everything Playa Del Carmen and decided to give it a try. The website says it’s open from 08:30-22:00 and we chose to visit for lunch around 13:30 and it was very busy. We really wanted to give it a try so we waited in line for 45 minutes.

Tacos Birria y Consome
The restaurant

It is a very small restaurant, with seats for about 15, and while we were there, we were the only “gringos” and so this is more of a place for locals from what we can see.  The other people waiting in line, mostly locals saw how long the wait was and decided to order take-out which probably extended our wait time but whatever. They just seemed slammed for orders and once people sat down, it appeared they would order multiple orders of food too to extend the time of the meal.

acos Birria y Consome Kitchen
Food being prepared

Eventually, we got a table and sat down. There isn’t a menu but from our research, we knew what we were going to order and proceeded to do so completely in Spanish; “cuatro tacos de birria con cebollas y cilantro, y dos aguas, por favor” which means four birria tacos with onions and cilantro and 2 waters, please. The tacos are very cheap, about $0.75CAD (13-14 pesos) and while they are small, we prefer them this way. Birria is quite rich and salty and so while we could have eaten 3 tacos each, 2 was a perfect snack. One of the interesting thing’s they do to enhance the flavor of the tortillas is they dip them in the birria cooking liquids before heating them on the grill. They leave salsas on the table and since our tacos were dressed with onions and cilantro, we avoided the salsas because we felt they weren’t needed and we didn’t want to take a chance.

Tacos Birria y Consome Tacos
Two birria tacos with onion and cilantro

Birria is a Mexican stew that is from the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Many restaurants serve this in Guadalajara. The meat is slow cooked traditionally with adobo spices making it tender and flavorful. It can be spicy but it is not too spicy here. Usually it is goat meat but can be beef and chicken as well. This restaurant here uses beef.   Source:

  • Rating: 15/20 – We would visit again
  • Quality: 5 – Excellent
  • Quantity: 4 – Very Good
  • Service: 3 – Good
  • Location/Atmosphere: 3 – Good

We visited in December 2017.

More Information: Google Map

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