Review: Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza in Austin Texas

Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza

Last Updated: August 8, 2019

Stanley’s Farm House Pizza is now closed; Jester King has taken over and changed the menu. We have decided to keep the review up to share information and photos of the venue.

Located in Austin’s hill country about a 40 minute drive/Uber ride from downtown, Stanley’s Farm House Pizza makes some delicious pizzas on a farm right beside the renowned Jester King Brewery.

Indoor Seating
Indoor Seating

Come one, come all, that’s the vibe here at this family and pet friendly restaurant suitable for large groups. With indoor and outdoor seating, Stanley’s is a good place to visit year-round. You can’t call in or reserve so when you show up during peak time, be ready to wait about 1 hour for your pizza. We tend to order the Willie, a tomato based pizza with BBQ Sauce, brisket, mozzarella, sharp cheddar cheese, red onion, jalapenos, cilantro, pickles on the side. We love sharing this BBQ inspired pizza and appreciate how unique it is.

Order counter
Order counter
The Willie Pizza
The Willie Pizza

Once you place your order, you wait until they text you to come and get your pizza when it’s ready. While you’re waiting, you can spend time at Stanley’s or even head over to Jester King.

Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza
Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza
Jester King Brewery
Jester King Brewery

Between the rotating craft beer options at Stanley’s and Jester King, you won’t have any problems finding something to drink and don’t be shy to bring your pizza over to Jester King where they have corn toss and shaded seating under a tree with a chandelier.

  • Rating: 19/20 – We would visit again
  • Quality: 5 – Excellent
  • Quantity: 4 – Very Good
  • Service: 5 – Good
  • Location/Atmosphere: 5 – Good

For more information:

Have you been to Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza? If so, what is your favorite pizza? Are brisket and pickles too weird for a pizza?

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