Review: Los Aguachiles in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Ceviche is one of our favorite things to eat, especially when we’re in Mexico. We usually visit TaconTenedor (link to our review) but decided to go back to Los Aguachiles recently to give them another try. Los Aguachiles is an open-air Mexican seafood restaurant in Playa Del Carmen with a good mix of tourists and locals as patrons.

On our first visit to Los Aguachiles, we enjoyed our food but it was average and so we were not in a rush to return. On our last visit, TaconTenedor did not open at the stated time so we decided to give Los Aguachiles another chance and we’re delighted to report back that we enjoyed our second visit so much better and the food was outstanding this time. We ordered the tuna and habanero mustard tostada, the shrimp aguachiles tostada, and the mixed ceviche (half order). We enjoyed everything we ate; the seafood was very fresh and the sauces were flavorful. It’s hard to describe the taste of the tuna with the mustard-habanero sauce it’s not too spicy and the combination works very well so we highly recommend trying it. The meal here is best enjoyed with a cold beer, either a traditional Mexican lager or one of the Pescadores craft beers they have in stock.

Mixed ceviche
Me with Pescadores beer

One of the things that makes Los Aguachiles a great choice is the consistency of the service, including hours of operation; compared to other places in PDC, they are open when they say they will be open, which makes it a great place for lunch. From an ambience perspective, the restaurant is open air but shaded since it has a roof and it’s very casual with plastic tables and chairs.

Los Aguachiles has two locations but we usually go to the 34th Street location which is usually open from 12:00 – 19:00 every day. If you’re visiting Tulum or Cancun, they also have restaurants there. 

More information:

Have you been to Los Aguachiles? If so, did you enjoy your meal? What was your favorite dish?

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