Sri Lanka Travel Guide – Colombo, Galle, and the South Coast

Galle Face Green

COVID-19 Update:

Sri Lanka is expected to re-open to international tourism in August 2020. For more information about the COVID-19 protocols, click here.


Sri Lanka, a “tear drop” shaped island nation in the Indian Ocean has started to find its way into the mainstream tourist map for the last few years. Since the civil war ended in 2009, the country has been recovering, healing, and modernizing. Dubbed an “India-Light” and free of malaria since 2016, Sri Lanka is becoming a really popular destination for tourists due to its diverse landscapes, historic and cultural sites, and opportunities to view wildlife. We decided to visit Sri Lanka for 6 nights and 7 days last fall during our vacation to Asia partly due out of interest and opportunity. We love to watch travel documentaries and both Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey piqued our interest in Sri Lanka.

Sri Sudharmalaya Buddhist Temple
Sri Sudharmalaya Buddhist Temple

It has taken me months to write all of these posts because Sri Lanka was such a unique and different experience for us and it took some time to reflect on everything. From reading literature about Sri Lanka prior to departure and making some last minute decisions while we were in Sri Lanka, it was a great trip and we hope to visit again.

Me at breakfast at Church Street Social
Sri Lankan Hoppers for breakfast at Church Street Social in Galle


In this post, we have indexed all of our blog posts about our trip to Sri Lanka for easy reference.

Tuk tuk at night in Galle
Tuk tuk at night in Galle

“You’ll know when the war is over when the Jaffna mangoes appear again.”, as narrated in Adele Barker’s Book “Not Quite Paradise: An American Sojourn in Sri Lanka”

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