24 Hours in Tijuana – Stay: A Review of the K Tower Boutique Hotel

Our room at the K Tower Boutique Hotel

The K Tower Hotel is a Mexican boutique hotel located in Tijuana’s financial district. Located beside its sister property, Hotel Lucerna, the K Tower Hotel is the adults-only contemporary luxury hotel in Tijuana.  With rooms on about 12 floors, it is a high rise hotel also popular for its rooftop bar and sushi restaurant.

Champagne at check-in
Champagne at check-in

The check-in process is always long with lots of paperwork, and no exception here; we had to show our passports, authorize a 5,000 peso hold for room damages, and sign documents saying that we adhere to the rules, which include not sneaking children in as the hotel is adults only. Thankfully, they provide champagne on check-in to make the process more enjoyable. After, we were taken to our room and given a tour of the property by a Bellman. We booked directly through the hotel and were a little annoyed that they gave us a room on a lower floor considering the hotel wasn’t that busy.

We booked the cheapest room there, the “Premium King Size”. As much as we wanted to stay in one of their funky loft rooms, we just couldn’t justify the price since we were already over budget. The room itself was really nice and really comfortable. We were really impressed with the cleanliness and the unique design, especially what appeared to be a painting in the bathroom but was actually a mirror to let the light in. Our room also had a balcony that faced Hotel Lucerne’s pool and as much as would have enjoyed sitting out there, there was no patio furniture, which was weird and something we will tell the hotel disappointed us. We were able to move the large chairs around to face outwards though. While we didn’t consume any, we did appreciate there was 1 craft beer in the mini bar fridge and two Mexican wines from the nearby Guadalupe Valley.

One thing we noticed that was storage for a hotel of this size and caliber is that it only has 1 elevator; thankfully the hotel wasn’t too crowded or else you might end up waiting for a while. We decided to relax by the heated pool during the afternoon because we’d had already walked a lot. Thankfully, we had the pool and hot tub to ourselves for a couple of hours. If you don’t have plans, you may want to stay up here to watch the sunset over the hills.

The K Tower Hotel has a small but functional gym with a view of Tijuana near the pool. The bathroom for the gym is also shared with the pool, the bar, and the hotels’ restaurant, Sushi En La Azotea.

Gym at the K Tower
Gym at the K Tower

We were not expecting to eat at Sushi En La Azotea but the Peruvian ceviche we saw on the menu was calling to us and so we decided to have a margarita as our nightcap and the ceviche as a snack. Overall, we enjoyed it and found the prices to be very reasonable for the quality, quantity, service and setting.

Peruvian ceviche and margarita at Sushi en la Azotea at the K Tower Hotel
Peruvian ceviche and margarita at Sushi en la Azotea at the K Tower Hotel

Breakfast was included in our room rate and served at the lobby bar the following morning. It included a small buffet of cold items like fruit, cereal, pastries, sandwiches, cheese, and deli meats, as well as one made-to-order egg entre per person. Tips are not included for breakfast so make sure you have cash.

Breakfast area in the morning and bar at night
Breakfast area in the morning and bar at night

We do think the K Tower Hotel is worth the splurge, especially if you are spending one night and want more of a resort setting. If there is one thing that soured our experience it’s the issue we had with billing our meal at Sushi en la Azotea to our room; we had to go down to the lobby and authorize 2,000 more pesos on our card because they forgot to do so at check-in. In total, we had 7,000 pesos authorized on our card for a one night stay which seems crazy. In 15+ years of staying at high end hotels all over the world, including others in Mexico, we’ve never experienced this before and so be prepared to authorize 7,000+ pesos if you are staying here.

What is the most money a hotel has made you authorize on your card for a stay?

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