Air Canada Status Match for US Citizens

Another great opportunity/perk for Americans! Can’t say we are not envious of this very generous opportunity paid for by Canada.

Americans with elite status on an American airline can complete a status match to get status on Air Canada until the end of the year.

On September 27, 2021, “Destination Canada, the national organization responsible for sustaining a vibrant and profitable Canadian tourism industry, has partnered with Air Canada and StatusMatch to launch a new status match program to encourage frequent American travelers to visit Canada. This limited-time offer marks the first time a tourism organization has used status-matching to entice visitors to travel to their destination.”

Air Canada Signature Class Meal YYZ – Toronto to ATH – Athens

“Starting September 27, 2021, frequent travellers who reside in the US and hold status on eligible major US airlines can apply to have their status matched by Air Canada for free, courtesy of Destination Canada. Approved customers will receive the matched status until December 31, 2021. To retain elite status for the entirety of 2022, customers must book and fly one round trip with Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge or Air Canada Express that would be eligible to accrue Aeroplan points before midnight Pacific Time on January 15, 2022.

Participants will enjoy all the eligible status benefits of flying with Air Canada, in addition to experiencing the remarkable people, nature, culture and communities of Canada—where mother nature and human nature come together, and offer travellers space to grow, unwind and connect with their true north.

For more information on the program, as well as frequently asked questions, please visit the Air Canada Status Match website here.”

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