Review: Monsieur Didot Boutique Hotel in Athens

Monsieur Didot Room 6 - The ode to the light: Patio seating/furniture

Here is our review and scoring of Monsieur Didot, a small boutique hotel in Athens, Greece based on our stay in a top floor room (Room 6. The ode to the light) in August 2021.

Monsieur Didot is a small boutique hotel with only 6 rooms in a renovated neoclassical house located in the Kolonaki neighbourhood in Athens.

  • Monsieur Didot Room 6: The ode to the light
  • Monsieur Didot Room 6 - The ode to the light: Access to bedroom
  • Monsieur Didot Room 6 - The ode to the light: bedroom
  • Monsieur Didot Room 6 - The ode to the light: shower
  • Monsieur Didot Room 6 - The ode to the light: books in our room
  • Monsieur Didot Room 6 - The ode to the light: Solarium in bathroom area and near patio
  • Monsieur Didot Room 6 - The ode to the light: Patio seating/furniture
  • Our room at Monsieur Didot, a small boutique hotel in Kolonaki
  • Monsieur Didot Room 6 - The ode to the light: Toiletries
  • Monsieur Didot Room 6 - The ode to the light: Breakfast of Greek coffee, yogurt, orange juice, hard-boiled eggs, peaches, bread, butter, and honey
  • Monsieur Didot common area: outdoor courtyard seating outside our room
  • Monsieur Didot common area: library

1.    Location 18/20:  We really enjoyed Monsieur Didot’s location as it was very convenient but also very quiet and peaceful. The hotel is located a short walk to the Syntagma Square metro station as well as the neighbourhoods you want to visit in Athens.

2.    Bed and sleep quality 18/20: Our room had a queen bed and we found the bed to be very comfortable. The room had good soundproofing and minimal windows in the bedroom made it very dark when it came time to get some sleep. The entrance through the bathroom was a bit unusual (although this was definitely a limitation of incorporating hotel rooms into an older existing building) and we struggled a little with the air-conditioning to find the right temperature.

3.    Room and room amenities 17/20: The room has a spacious private patio but it does lack privacy and some of the chairs were not the most comfortable for sitting. A nice welcome snack was provided (2 desserts), drinking water, coffee/Nespresso and tea, and the room had many books. The room also had a mini fridge with mini bar items that were affordably priced. Breakfast was also available; some options were complimentary and others at a cost. We did find the breakfast was somewhat minimal (especially compared to other hotels we stayed at on this trip) but appreciated that it was served on time each morning and got us going for our exploring.

4.    Bathroom 7/10: The bathroom is perhaps the most interesting part of the room, but might have also been its biggest drawback. While it was bright, clean, and extremely unique it was a little awkward. The main part of the bathroom doubled as a entranceway/hallway/exit to patio with the toilet in a separate room that was a little small and awkward. The shower was great and had good water pressure but water pooled in the track of the sliding door. The towels were good quality as were the toiletries provided.

5.    Hotel Public Areas and Amenities 7/10: As this is a very small boutique hotel, public areas and amenities were limited. There were bookcases on one of the floors, an outdoor seating area on the top floor outside our room, and they offered wine for purchase.

6.    Service and staff 8/10: Overall, we found the service and staff very good for such a small boutique hotel. The housekeeping was impeccable and we had no issues with the front desk. Prior scans of social-media had highlighted some other little unique touches that we did not experience during our stay (perhaps these were limited due to the pandemic, or have since changed).  

7.    Overall Value 8/10: We really enjoyed staying here and it enhanced our stay in Athens. For the price we paid for our room and the hotel’s location, it was very reasonable and affordable.

8.    Overall:83/100 

Would weleavetoday to go back? MAYBE – it would be hard to pass on a chance to stay again, but we would also be interested in seeing some of the many other beautiful looking boutique hotels in Athens.

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