Restaurant Review: Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol, Chania, Crete

Salad with figs, mango and local cheese

Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol is a restaurant in Chania, Crete that creates Mexican-inspired food with Cretan ingredients. In this post we share more about Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol to help other tourists find this hidden gem!

  • Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol in Chania
  • Salad with figs, mango and local cheese
  • Pulled pork with carob tortillas and salsas
  • Tacos
  • Tiradito


If you are just walking around, it is very unlikely you will find Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol as it is located away from the main tourist areas. The restaurant is located in a residential neighbourhood area about 1.5 kms south of Chania Old Town. This was another Google Maps find that led to a very rewarding meal!


Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol is a marriage of Mexico and Crete that takes the diner on a culinary journey that’s familiar but also foreign too. They have a barbacoa oven to slow roast free-range meats sourced in Crete. In the barbacoa oven, they use Cretan firebricks, olive wood, and Cretan banana leaves and verbena to create their unique taste.

The restaurant itself is reminiscent of a Greek taverna but with Latin American touches and colors. The staff also offer up the same excellent hospitality and service that you are accustomed to in Greece and in Mexico; its “yamas” meets “salud”! It is very pleasant to sit outside and enjoy a leisurely meal here, especially since it’s a lot less crowded than by the old town Venetian harbor.


We enjoyed our meal so much that we ate at Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol twice during our stay in the Chania area. Our favorite dishes were the salad with fresh figs, mango and local cheese; the pulled pork cooked in the barbacoa with carob tortillas and various sauces; and the tiradito.

As for drinks, they have a selection of beers, wine, cocktails and spirits. The margaritas were good, as was the rose and white wine (the house wines comes from a monastery).


Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol offers a casual but upscale dining experience at very reasonable prices. The menu is unique and well-executed and the staff offer excellent service; we highly recommend eating here for something familiar but also new and creative! The meals we had here ended up being some of the best we had on our trip to Greece! If you are in Chania, make sure to add Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol to your eatinerary.

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